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In the life of a writer, sometimes a lot of things happen all at once, and sometimes, nothing happens at all. So, here is my mini blog:


I've tried my hand at writing a lot of content, but the hard part is when I have a free minute. 


Pitching for Jobs on the East Coast

I thought about this for a long time, but after many years in California, I was thinking about moveing to the East Coast -Florida, ATL, Washington DC or even New York.


This will be quite a challenge for me because for one I am sort of established here in the Entertainment industry of Sunny Southern California - Running Two Companies, But at the same time I am anxious to

1) get back in the Radio industry

2) meet new friends around the globe and

3) particularly find out how the big cities is going to influence my work.


Overal, I will pitch for jobs in the Above named States. 

Missing Companionship

Unfortunately, Seperating is a fact of life and you may experiance departing one time or another, its  how these things go. Even the most faithful companions part with us at some point.

My beloved friend and I part ways not because we had a relationship problem, but because of finances and other uncompatible issues.


She was a part of my life for the most part of 2012 (or seven months of dating).  I said that to say, she is a good person and is greatly missed. May God have his hand upon her life and home. .


I am launching a company called: 


1) Mix Music - This Web Site is an Internet tv show, where a VJ                                                       host mixing Music Video contest, as well as other format      shows will air 24 hour 7 day week. Viewers can Purchase      the mix shows.


2) AJC Time -   Is where consumers can Review historical events on a Time    Grid thats in a Chronological order.




Please inquire about the Proposals


Here are some recent and old school pictures. Enjoy!


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AJC Publishing is releasing my book "I Walked Away" "True Testimonies" "Un-Equally Yoked" and "Conspiracy on the Hood"


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