I will let you in on  my Goals and Objectives to reach them. 


I am doing things in Phases. The first thing I am doing is:


1) I am Pitching myself to work in Radio Again. Hopeing I can go On Air  via Commercial Radio and the Internet -Hopes with a simulcast show.


2) I am working on and off on  Film Sets - seeking any Positions - Yes I have Directed Music Videos and other full length feature Films but a team player dont mind taking other positions either.

At the same time though-  being away off set - or as most indies say,  in between jobs. LOL.  I relaize that I have to crawl before I walk. I dont mind re-starting with a lower post.  I am a Team player & not afraid to take a back seat with a Produciton Company. It's Networking baby.


3) I am managing a few Recording Artist assisting them to get distribution and into full rotation in Radio,


4) I am MAnaging my Companies:


    AJC Publishing with the launch of my book title I walked Away and testimonies

    AJC Time

    AJC Mixing Music, my hands on baby in the Legal field....
    E-Traffic Ticket Defenders .com



See a list of upcoming readings.


AJC Publishing is releasing my book "I Walked Away" "True Testimonies" "Un-Equally Yoked" and "Conspiracy on the Hood"


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