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Although I been out of the Radio and film loop for a few years now I didnt just sit back and twirl my thumbs. I was away for a reason - It wasn't God timing for me.


For the past year and a half, I have been working on a few projects that requires time.  I worked on a two lucrative busness ventures, a Paralegal service and a memoir:


1) Mix Music   (see more on this in Reiews and ventures)


2) AJC Time       (see more on this in Reviews and Ventures). And


3) my new book "I Walked Awaywhich is going to be longer than anything I have written. Of course, I cannot give everything away, but I do want to give you something to look forward to.


So to start with the latter subject at this time, let me discuss my BOOK project.

I will be taking my readers to a time in history where drugs and Murder was at an all time high in the city of Compton. At the time it was gang Capital, and the HUB Central for DRUGS.


The City is off the Southern West coast of the US, It's California: Nice Climate, always Sunny, but not a place someone would like to stay for long - on the streets of the wrong neighborhood that is.


However, Juan, the main character in my book, starts his activities and Job at his Customs Upholstery shop in Rialto California.


 In the process, Juan is perswayed by a business Partner to invest in a development that could return 300 Percent...But Juan wasnt told that it was Cocaine...Something he did dablle with in the past and got away from. But, his past came back to haunt him. 


This book uncovers Corrupt DEA's and a Politician scandal, but Juan also gets to know his biggest opponents. Juan is teamed together with his brother Fred, Both intelligent and good-looking men fight for family unity.


Hi, Im Fred and I lived in Compton California Predominately all my life, Yeah its in the inner city metropolitan Los Angeles, and sure we have not so upscale sections, However, we are proud homeowners and Pillars of the community just like you are in your community and home town.

Thus, living this life here in Compton has help to gather inspirations on many levels as well as talk with Fellow Conrads such as street creed legends Mr. Freeway Ricky Ross, Patrick Johnson, Hauncho,  and other reputable local individuals in Southern Los Angeles.


But dont let me tell it, Let yourself be surprised. I walked Away is going to be released by AJC Publishing in 2014.


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"I walked Away" The Book


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AJC Publishing is releasing my book "I Walked Away" "True Testimonies" "Un-Equally Yoked" and "Conspiracy on the Hood"


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